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When Glass Meets Love

When I started blowing glass with Timmie, I knew I would be making art everyday and that in itself is rewarding and special in my opinion. But I soon learned that my job as a glass artist could get way more meaningful than I ever imagined. Shortly after blowing glass, a video went viral on Facebook of a company that would make paperweights out of glass and add loved ones ashes who had passed away. We had plenty of people share it to me and say they were interested.

Recently, our friend Broc passed away. His mom came to us shortly after and asked us if we could use his remains to make something for her and a surprise for his father for Fathers Day. Suddenly I realized the impact I could make with our glass blowing. Someone trusting us enough with their loved one to make them something they will cherish forever is just impossible to put into words.

Fast forward to meeting my friend Alex. He had the misfortune of loosing his mother and his father early in life. He asked Timmie and I if we could please add their ashes to a glass pendant. Him trusting us with that job seriously just brought me to tears.

Thank you everyone who puts their trust into us to make special art for them, in the past and in the future. Truly, thank you from us at OxyGlass. We love being apart of this with you.

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