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Steal Your Face Water Piece
  • Steal Your Face Water Piece

    This 1/1 Steal Your Face Water Piece is truly a beautiful force to be reckoned with! Handmade by us at OxyGlass in Iowa with borosillicate glass.


    Deep red base with the neck being our signature swirl design in red, blue and white. Fixed XL downstem with large hole diffusers.

    Complete with FIVE borosillicate glass millie images dedicated to the Grateful Dead. 

    4 Dancing Bear Images & 1 Stealie Image with 13 point lightening bolt inside and roses surrounding the outside. 


    Complete this piece with the option of adding on the unique ETCHED quartz nail. This American made quartz nail is etched with dancing bears on the outside of it making it the perfect match to this piece! Made in NJ by Long Island Quartz. 

    The etched nail retails at $300 alone. I discounted it if you want to add it to this piece. 


    If you would like to use this piece for flower instead of concentrate, a matching flower bowl can be made.

    Please, send an email/message if you want this. 



    Shipping is included with tracking and insurance for the retail amount of purchase via USPS.

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