Sparkly Blue + Green Slyme Bang Bang

Sparkly Blue + Green Slyme Bang Bang


This is our Sparkly Blue + Green Slyme Bang Bang Pipe. 

You can choose size small ($30), medium ($40), and large ($50). 


All of our bang bang pipes are made to order, when ordered, so each are unique and ultimately one of a kind for you! Every pipe is made with triple layers of glass on top of each other and digitally kiln annealled to ensure durabilty to last through all your accidental drops and bangs! Every pipe is handmade with American made materials by Oxy Glass with our unique pattern and signed on the bottom.


If you would like to change anything about your piece, please include that in your order.  The standard pieces have a carb on the left side for right handed people; if you would like to change that, please include in order notes. 


Small: 3-3.5inches - Medium: 4-4.5inches - Large: 5-5.5inches



Thank you for your support!

Message if you have any questions.

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